Change Moves You Toward Transformation

While being interviewed on an International Radio Show (5 Countries) the host kept referring to me as a "Motivational Speaker". That title did not seam to fit. For days after the interview, Motivation Speaker kept playing over and over and going around and around in my mind. Finally, I did a web search and I found something that was a better fit "Transformational Speaker".
Definition: A transformational speaker's mission involves impacting personal and professional evolution. Whether that's mindset, spirituality, empowerment, wellness, personal growth, parenting or purpose-driven business success. Moving toward a happier, more high performance life.
OK, now this is going in a much better direction. My Intent is to share my Life Story, well up to this point, with the trails, tribulations, the good the bad and the ugly. My complete failures and what happened and how and what changes and surrendering had to happen in and for my life to be transferred.
My transition did not happen over night, it took many years. If you can learn from my mistakes, it is all worth it. Change Moves Your Toward Your Transformation, but it takes work and effort on your part. There is always a way to the other side of a situation, you might have to go around it, over it, under it and sometimes you just have to pray your way through it. 
Remember: Keep moving Forward and Do Not Give Up! Nothing worth having comes easy. Pray and then Listen, Sing and Worship, Praise and Breathe. 
We all have God given PURPOSE and a Kingdom DESTINY. Once that is uncovered and ignited … OH, Watch Out World. 
Yeshau (JESUS Christ) is my Lord and Savior. He saved my life many times and He transformed me. He did all this for me and He will do it for you also. All you have to do is ask Him. 
"Transformational: Transform A National, One Life at a time." ~ GW Tolley
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