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My name is GW Tolley. I am a servant helping servants. Thank you for taking the time to read where I am currently in life.  God has taken me from a child to a Kingdom man.  These testimonies are of modern-day miracles.

I want to say that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. 

They say you can’t have a testimony without a test... and I am one of the many who has been through some stuff. I have had some significant tests over the last 10 years: identity theft that led to homelessness, I’ve been laid off, hungry, experienced the death of a parent, and living with a family of 9 from Craigslist - just to share a few of the highlights. My life was turned upside down and all around. When everything came crashing down & there was not one person left around & I hit rock bottom, God was the Rock at the bottom. I was so lost, God’s Grace. 

God was working me, little by little and piece by piece, to listen for His still small voice and be obedient. 

Fast forward to the present: My job ended and I’ve been praying for God to be the door opener and the door closer for my next source of employment. I have applied and applied for jobs. The response I receive back is that I am either over qualified or under qualified. I will say that having Faith is easier when we have money in our saving and an emergency fund backup. but we cannot have a testimony without a test. 

The second week of October (2021) God put it on my heart to notify my roommate that he would need to move by December 31st. I did. Then God asked me to place my house into the property managements hands. I was led to a godly property management company and the house has been signed over to them as of January 20th, 2022. To be honest, this was not an easy process. God reminded me of what I had prayed... "Bend me Lord, use me, here I am."  In my heart, I responded, "but I thought it was from the comfort of my home." The response was "Your ways are not my ways". BOOM!!! That was a little difficult to hear, but I did pray the prayer. Remember what you pray for.  

The next thing God put on my heart was to donate items from my home to go to specific places He wanted them to go. I have met so many people during this process. I’ve gotten to learn of their needs and shared their ministries and services via my social media platforms. “People Helping People that are being the hands and feet of Jesus.”

While I am applying for work and seeking employment, I am stewarding my time as a volunteer with many charities, assisting people and organizations that serve others, and serving through my ministries: Chanan Ministries, Write It Out Program (serving military, fire fighters, police officers, and first responders who suffer with trauma which have lead to thoughts of suicide), prison ministries, What’s Your Story (a volunteer run, testimony-based interview show that is both on YouTube and a Christian TV Network).  I’ve also helped individuals who serve and don’t have the finances to self-promote.  I teach them, create content for them, and promoting them on social media. The Christian individuals and organizations I’ve had the pleasure to serve are: a church’s witnessing program, media company, pregnancy care center, realtor, children’s orphanage, single mothers ministry, movie producer, fitness center, a Christian Chamber, a Christian Film Festival, ministers, singers, actors/actresses, specific movie testimonial and Docufilm, producers, studios, tv stations, an independent photographer, rental company, coffee shop, frame shop, graphic design, and even a farm.  I act as a facilitator for them, making the process easy on them while they continue to serve those who God has them serve. I promote them on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Next Door, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Parlor, Faith Social, Instagram, MeWe, Pintrest, Twitter, TikTok, Clapper, Reddit, Meetup, and soon to be on Truth Social.  I create content for them and upload to YouTube, GodTube, and Vimeo.  I also facilitate a connection for them to radio stations, TV stations, media, and podcasts.  God has me use every possible contact I have to serve them.  Some amazing fruits of this: Over 882,000 views and Facebook 29,453 people reached. Only God can do something like this. 

My skill set is as a self-published author and my passion is to assist others to share their testimony with the world via self-publishing, TV or social media. This is a miracle in itself as I was hearing impaired as a child until I had surgery my second year of High School. English, Spelling and Grammar were not a strong suit, but God put such a burden on my heart to share my testimony that it felt like I would explode. I stand confidently and testify that God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. Some people do not have the resources to pay so I have donated my time and knowledge that God has given me to assist them.

With my home on the rental market, I don’t have anything to hold me in one place.  I am able to go where I can assist others and share their testimonies with the world. The goal is to make an impact, inspire, spread hope and most of all share the gospel. This can be accomplished on a larger scale working with Churches and Organizations. My invitation to you is to connect me where you see a need. 

During this entire process I prayed and prayed for provisions, clarity, direction. Then one day I was at the library and a man walked right up to me and said "You have not because you ask not.” I was stunned, because I have prayed and prayed for a place to live, and provisions. Then I saw a commercial for Give Send Go, so here I am. I was led to ask publicly for assistance. Doing this is definitely stretching me outside of my comfort zone and revealing pride of having to ask others for help. I do not have an issue with giving, but I have had to learn to ask, receive and drop my pride and humble my heart. 

To continue to serve the Servants, God’s Chosen people, I need your prayers and support.

Forms of Assistance:

  1. First and foremost: Prayer. Please pray for God to open the right doors and close those doors I’m not to go through. Prayer is powerful and it works. 
  2. If you can give financially, please do.  Anything helps and there is no amount too small – it will all go to supporting the missions and ministries of loving people with the love of our Heavenly Father and Messiah. 
  3. As God leads, please facilitate connections, introductions and sharing my information. Additional Support: to purchase books, audiobooks they are listed under my author name GW Tolley on Amazon, Audible and UDEMY.

Thank you for your support of GiveSendGo Servant Serving Servants. Even a small donation could help Servant Serving Servants reach the fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

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Thank you and God bless, GW