You have a PURPOSE

A recent situation involving my hearing was an unnerving reminder of how precious our hearing is and brought back a flood of emotions. I am fine, but the scars are always there. Wear your scars with pride, I do. We can not have a testimony without a test.
I had ear issues from birth and that went on till my second year of high school. I was constantly at the doctor and the medicine tasted really nasty. When the medicine ran out the issues would come right back and sometimes worse than before. When I was younger, they had removed my tonsils to see if this would correct the issue, it did not. Not only did I have a hard time hearing, but my last name starts with a T so normally my seat was in the back of the room at school. Not able to hear, I would get bored and I would doodle, and my mind would wander all over the place. For me to receive a grade of a D+ or even a C- was a major accomplishment for me.
My mom would work with me with flash cards. My mom would say, “You are smart, and you can do anything you put your mind to. There is always a way around, over, or under every situation and sometimes you have to just go through it.” My momma was loving, kind, intelligent, and business savvy. But if you messed with her family or her children. Well, that is another story.
One day my mom noticed I had the TV up really loud. It was full volume, and there was not another notch to turn it up. She took me back to the doctor and she told the doctor, “Send him to a specialist. He cannot hear.” I was sent to an ear, nose, and throat specialist, and I had 95% hearing loss in one of my ears. I had surgery and tubes to correct the issue. My situation was so bad they did the surgery right then and there. They brought in a machine that was like a big vacuum cleaner. There was a big needle and he said, “I am going to bust your eardrum and you will hear a strange noise. We will vacuum out the liquid.” The liquid was almost black. As they almost finished the noise was really loud and almost unbearable. They could not numb my ear and I just had to be a big boy and tough it out. My mom was right there with me. She said, “Be strong, I am right here with you.” I did well and she wiped the one and only tear from my eye.
All of this taught me to keep on moving forward and be an overcomer. “Reach for the Stars but remember to keep your feet on the ground.”
SO… with all of that being said, if anyone had said I would write a book or even 13 books I would have laughed at them and said NO NOT ME. You have mistaken, you have the wrong guy, English, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation that is not me. Thank God for my editor. FYI this was not edited, just saying. Raw Truth!
When you have a story that is going to get out of you if you like it or not and it feels like you are going to explode you have to get it out of your system. Release it and get it out. That is what happened to me, the stories had to come out, the pain, the hurt, the shame, the tears of sorrow and joy. Write even when it is uncomfortable because one of the best ways to heal is getting it out.
People are going to talk about you no matter what you do. You can not control what they say, situations, or what is happening, but you can control how you respond or don’t respond at all. When you do that you are in control of yourself and that is powerful. NEVER let people, where you came from or your circumstance dictate who you are and where you are going!
You have a Purpose.
~ GW Tolley ~