Align to GOD's PURPOSE

What is my PURPOSE?
Why do I feel like I have a lack of IDENTITY or NO PURPOSE?
Have you ever felt lost, alone, misunderstood, felt like no one cares, or no one cares to understand? 
GW Tolley and A.L. Spencer Sr. have both felt this way and have been through some trials and tribulations. Both of them at one point in their lives had felt like they had lost their will to live. God has a way of making divine connections and on His time. When GW contacted the "Wrong" person it was actually the "Right" person for God’s Purpose. Now five-plus years later read how both their worlds have changed, and their alignment with the word of God for His divine plan.
This story will not only inspire you, but open your eyes to a whole new world of Identity, Kingdom Life Purpose, and Alignment with God. 
When God creates a book out of a conversation and it is published 3 days later, He has something to say.  Pay close attention. 
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