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A Modern Day Job, you will see God’s grace to GW, but also the opportunities he had to grumble, get angry, or have a pity party over things that happened, including false accusation. But GW “leans not on his own understanding” and waits patiently with faith that God will “work all things together for good”—and He always does! To God be the glory!


This book is a blessing! The stories will delight, encourage, inspire, and amaze you! These are wonderful examples of what God can, and will, do for the person who chooses to Trust Him in all things. I know it can be difficult sometimes if we let our focus change from trust to frustration or disappointment, but the more we leave it in His hands and just thank Him that He has a solution for even this, the more we will see marvelous things happen in our own lives!


I am expecting another book from this man of God in the future with more stories of God’s faithfulness (even in the details) and goodness to those who love, trust, and thank Him!  I believe GW has reached, or is very near reaching, that pinnacle of Trusting God in All Things!

Author, Speaker and TV Host: “Faith & Prayer with Donna”

President San Antonio Evening AGLOW

Donna Hamilton

"I feel so blessed that God brought you to me to assist you with your mortgage process and be apart of A Modern Day Job story. Your presence is an obvious reflection of your wonderful faith, as you brighten our office every time you are here!

I am in tears as I see the house address you put a contract on. That’s the street my mom lived on before she passed. GW, for your birthday present I bought you a point which puts your payment where it needs to be.  I do not believe you buying on my Mom's street is a coincidence. There are millions of streets in the Orlando area, and you landed there. My Mother loved living there, loved her neighbors, and her neighborhood so much. Knowing you'll be living there, and are such a special man, makes me smile. You have impacted my life and strengthened my faith during this short time we've had together.”  

Mortgage Loan Officer with Element Funding

Susie Carlton

A Modern Day Job has brought me to a new level of Praise and Glory to Father God. To see a man that was broken and hurt be healed and loved by God. Only God could make a divine connection and be a part of the story. The privilege and honor to know and love him as a friend in Yeshua. 

Andrea Duncan