SELF PUBLISH 2022: The Author Within is Available on AMAZON

SELF PUBLISH 2022: The Author Within is available on AMAZON. 
Author GW Tolley was 95% hearing impaired until his second year of High School. He had emergency surgery and that corrected the issue. English, spelling, grammar was not a strong suit to say the least. When the storm of his life started with identity theft, laid off, loss of a loved one, homeless and what seamed to be endless struggles there appeared to be no hope or no purpose in sight. When the stories wants to come out, they will find a way. The stories had to be told and they busted out in the form of a book. Now seven plus year later and SELF PUBLISH 2002 is book fourteen, he has learned a lot. Eleven books flooded out last year. As his stories are told how he overcame the purpose is give others hope, inspire and teach them how to share their stories. Everyone has a story and the stories needs to be told. How to get your book process started and starting from the foundation and building upwards, one step at a time. No matter if you writing fiction/non fiction book, children's book, cook book to a biography SELF PUBLISH 2022 breaks down process and explains all the how to's from start to finish. The main goal is to get your story out into the world. How to get started, book size, margins, book covers and different styles, types of self publishing, Amazon/Kindle, ISBN, barcodes, copyright, domain, book category, self fulfillment, co-authors and special guest, brand, corporate seal, audio books, audio booth 101, one thing could lead to another, tv, radio, podcast and new papers. The World is Waiting on your story! The Story within begins now, get started today, you can do this.
Would you like to turn your drawing or stories into a Children's Book or your family recipes or your recipe into a Cook Book? How about turning your Quotes, Poems into an Inspirational Book? WELL... Here is your how to manual to Do it Yourself.
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