Sacha Healings and Miracles



Introducing Sacha Healings and Miracles series. Sacha’s story started on November 16th, 2005 when Sacha was born a very small sick baby. If you have children or fuzzy children that are sick you know the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. When you are giving a “Worldly Report” you do not want to hear or believe. Where do you turn? What do you say? Who can help? Lord I need a Healing Miracle…. Please give me the words, give the Faith, and save my child. God gave me the words and Bible verses.  

How could her story be shared with the World to help others? Only God could have assembled an amazing team to bring this story to life: award-winning Disney Freelance Graphic Designer / Illustrator, Disney Spanish Translator, Editor, and a Printer. Proudly Made in the USA.

God gave me the words, the design style, watercolors, and media substrate it was to be printed on, and just like that a book series was born.

The Goal: Sacha’s Healings and Miracles Book to be donated to Children’s Hospitals around the World. We are off to a great start, but this takes lots of PRAYERS, a village of everyone working together in unity and donations. Every penny of the donations goes to the Children’s Hospital cause.

A Story for ALL AGES


Sacha Healings and Miracles - Spanish Version 

Sacha Healings and Miracles - Spanish Version



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