GW Tolley on The TIBERIUS Radio Show

Recording this week…. 
I will add the link when the show AIRS.
I have the PRIVILEGE to be on The TIBERIUS Radio Show. 
Airing on 10 Stations in the USA 🇺🇸, Virgin Islands in the UK … and ALL around the World 🌍 
If you have listened to his show he is Intelligent, Quick Witted, likes Video Games, he’s got Jokes.. he is Funny. He likes Math 🧮… he actually likes Math. He ask good interesting questions. 
Tiberius wants to talk about a variety of topics: "What's Your Story" TV Show that God has given me the privilege to be the host of and airs on Taken Network TV and ALL Social Media Platforms. Sacha Healings and Miracles book. Being hearing impaired as a child and failing spelling, grammar, punctuation and authoring 13 books. Teaching others to be an author with Self Publishing 2021 book. 
Did I mention Tiberius’s is 10 years old? WOW!!!!!
He started when he was 7 years old. 
He like to bowl and is on a bowling 🎳 league with a 198 …. WOW … and no bumpers. 
If that is not enough to impress you about Tiberius,  he is the Top 50 World 🌍 Most Influential Young Leaders.  
He Message is Living LION 🦁 Strong.
L =  Leadership
I =   Integrity
O = Obedience 
N = Nobility
Heart of the LION 🦁 Quality of Living 
This is from Tiberius’s Dad. 
I try to keep people up to date with things going on with Tiberius.  This was interesting because he really does not even understand how it is important.  Last month he was nominated for an award the International Youth Society.  I was not aware of them until we got the notice that one of his guests had submitted the nomination.  To be eligible for the award he had to send in a bio and then make a five minute speech to give on a zoom call in front of the international community.  I emailed the bio assuming that would be it.  But we were sent artwork to say that he was nominated and that over 200 youth ranging from age 6 to 24 was nominated.  He was given a time to be on a zoom call to give his speech.  Tiberius told me he had no idea what to say and that all the kids that were listed were heroes.  They feed homeless and planted trees.  All he did was talk about jobs and LION Strong.  I told him to just say that in his speech and he will be fine.  It is not about winning but just being happy you were nominated.
Top 50 World 🌍 Most Influential Young Leaders 
Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈 Tiberius 
See you 🔜 Tiberius’s…. ON AIR