GW Tolley with Dawn Reese on the Miracle Stories Radio Network

It is always an honor to be on the radio 📻 with Dawn Reese on 106.1 Miracle Stories Radio Network today.
Today I was a call ☎️ in, but Tuesday the 24th I will be in the 106.1 studio in Clearwater, FL.
Today’s topic was Writing a book and Self Publishing Tips:
1.) Size your document for the size of your book 📕
2.) That is MOST Important. The whole book will shift if you do this last. Then it will be to be reformatted. ( $$$ Costly and Time consuming Mistake) 
3.) Have a Title of your book (Foundation)
4.) Purchase the domain title (Branding)
5.) A great program for book writing and script is Celtx 
(Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation)
The Film Events this year Content Media Conferences in Poolville, Texas and the International Christian Film & Music Festival in Orlando, Florida the take always: have your book published, have social media followers and merchandise. 
I have be hosting a Self Publishing event on Friday August the 27th via The Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce at E Studio. 
Click the link below for additional information. 
Thank you again Dawn!  See you soon. 
Have a great day everyone and God Bless.