i am JOSIAH - God Has Healed ( LISTENING ON audible )


Publisher's Summary

The story begins with a hard-working middle-class family doing everything they can to keep food on the table and the lights and water on. In one event, a runaway car, going down a steep mountain, almost takes three of the family member's lives. One of the children's illnesses nearly leaves them deaf. Name-calling and bullying were too much to overcome for this child and almost takes their will to live. Overwhelming challenges and events led to a lifetime of anger, hurt, bitterness, drinking, heartache, and just about removed what faith there was.

When the storm stopped, there was nothing left, and everything hit rock-bottom. When the storm cleared, God was the rock at the bottom, and this time, a new solid foundation. Only God can change a heart and restore faith, hope, love and peace, and purpose. From a child to kingdom man, a testimony of modern-day miracles. Walk by faith and not by sight.