May Day Mix UP ... MAYDAY


This is a day mixed up in May, but it was also a Mayday, and I just did not know what was to come.  

Mayday is a distress call that is used to signal a life-threatening emergency, usually on a ship or a plane, although it may be used in a variety of other situations. The distress call has absolute priority over all other transmissions.

I thought I was so brave. I had made it through the day, and that day was my mom’s birthday. This was her 7th birthday in heaven. I had happy moments and then sad missing her moments.

Are you missing a loved one?

I woke up and God said, “I want you to go to the church service you were invited to.” So, what did I do? I turned on my phone to watch the service online like I had done 3 weeks prior. Since COVID-19 almost everything is online. But, God said, “I did not tell you to watch it online. I said for you to go in person.” The location is 28 miles (35 minutes) away and this involved rolling out of bed, getting ready, multiple toll roads, and I was just being lazy. But, God said, “GO! GO!” As I start to leave I fill up my water bottle with the cold water from the refrigerator and I happened to see the date. It was the 15th of May, but I had thought the 15th was the day prior. WOW, I felt like I did not want to go at this point. But God said Go, and I GO! 

 I arrive and I ask where my friend is, and they take me to him. He was in a conversation with a lady, and his eyes lit up when he saw me. He said, “I am so glad you came.” He said he was teaching a class, but told me what room to go to. As I am sitting there I start to think about all the prayers my family had prayed for me, and all the years they had prayed. Then it hits me. My mom is in heaven and her unanswered prayers are still being answered, and I am sitting in the house of the Lord. It was like a wave of emotions, BOOM. I was not running away from all of this. Once the first tear started it was not long before the tears crashed through the flood gates. I tried to hold them back, but the talk started… be brave, don’t cry, guys do not cry, and especially in public. You are new here, suck it up buttercup, what are the people around you going to think? It is too late, it started. I tried to hide it, but there was a lady walking by to give her friend a hug in front of me, and as she was hugging her she saw the tears. She instantly grabbed me and started to pray. When she finished I said, “Thank you, today is my mom’s birthday and she is in heaven.” She told me that her husband had passed away 3 years prior. Now she is crying. Meanwhile, the service is going on and everyone is still standing and singing. I had hoped no one had seen all of that, but I knew it had stirred up some commotion. The lady goes and sits down on the other side of the section. Toward the end of the service they said, “We are having prayer for whomever needs prayer. Come up here now.” God said, “Go.” So I went. The man starts to pray and he starts to pray for all my family… WOW… that grabbed my heart and gave me a shake and I started to cry again. I am not sure what else he prayed but I am sure it was needed. Only God!

They invited me to stay and eat with them, and I did and they invited me back. WOW.. they had really welcomed and warmly embraced me. I have never felt honest true Love like that.

So, I went back the next week and I took the lady a card that had prayed with me and for me. Just a kind gesture of thanks. I really meant it from my heart, that was so kind of her. In a world of people not engaging, onlookers, and sometimes not even making eye contact, she jumped right in, a True Servant's Heart. She helped more than she will even know with her prayer and her hug. There were a few other people around me and I was not sure they had seen what was going on, but when I saw them I explained what had happened the week prior. I also shared a little of my testimony with them and then they shared theirs with me. What a wonderful feeling having CONVERSATIONS about what God is doing and has done in our lives. Share your stories and testimonies with each other. It might not only inspire others, but build up your faith. We are not victims, we are victors. With God for us, who can be against us? What started out feeling like an awkward moment to me, God created personal bonds. Hurt and Healings sometimes go hand in hand. It always amazes me how God works and sometimes so fast. Divine connections and on God’s Timing. 

There are many awesome wonderful points to all of this, but the one I wanted to share is all the prayers that were prayed for years that are still being answered from my family that is not even here on this earth to see them being answered. BUT I am sure they are celebrating in heaven and saying come on, you got this. My mom said, “That’s my son!”

Who has prayed endlessly for you?

SO, do not think that all of the prayers people have prayed for you are not being answered, I am proof of that.