The ONE LAST CHANCE audio book project started March of 2021. After 6 LONG months, praying, whining, crying, learning how to work the program/programs, many hours of recording and rerecording, and a thick folder of failures / did not pass, it is finally passed the many requirements. Quick victory, then there was another screen that popped up.... We will notify you in 10 days if the recording has been accepted. Tick Tock... Days went by, it was like waiting for paint to dry during the Florida Rainy Season. Finally, a message on September 30, 2021 at 6:53:47 PM EDT that said 
ONE LAST CHANCE . . .: AND THEN THERE WAS NONE is now on sale at Audible, and it will be available on iTunes and Amazon within the next few days." I sat and stared at the screen with no emotion. I think I was in shock. It took a couple of day to finally sink in. PASSED
ONE LAST CHANCE is one of the most emotional books/stories I have written and sharred. I honestly did not want to write the book, but when God says "Write the story!" you write and share the story. I thought I was finished and out of the 13 books He wanted ONE LAST CHANCE Audio Book done first. 
ONE LAST CHANCE is a true story of an unexpected chain of events will leave you wondering what is going on and what just happened. The very wealthy and famous are not immune and cannot run from the outcome of this ending. Tears, Screams turn to a quick laugh, and before you know it you will become infused into the story.
Available: Print, E-Book and Audible 
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