Suzanne Lynn and GW Tolley Interview Radio Show Sneak Peek

Suzanne Lynn and GW Tolley Interview - Radio Show Sneak Peek
Suzanne Lynn interviewing GW Tolley about SELF PUBLISH 2021 Book, for her Radio 📻 Show, BUT you get to see the VIDEO Version of the Radio Show.
What I find Interesting is the show will air on Monday, November 22nd, the week of Thanksgiving… why is that interesting?… book 📕 two was written during the week of Thanksgiving and that is when the learning process started, trials, tears 😭 kicking, screaming, wanting to give up and A LOT of PRAYERS to completely Self Publish myself. Now years and 14 books later, all I can say is #OnlyGod !!!
Self Publish 2021 book How To Self Publish and Share YOUR Story with the Whole Wide World 🌍 and Building YOUR Kingdom Business. #kingdombusiness
THANK YOU Suzanne!!
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GW Tolley
Self Publish 2021 - Book
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